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Awards, Media, Corporate Sponsors

Job Boards


Our diversity recruiting, matching diversity talent with global opportunity, helps companies increase innovation, improve decision making, drive sales and improve customer retention in an increasingly diverse global economy.

AdvancingWomen has been a top women and diversity recruiting site since 1996. Using state-of-the-art career site technology, strategic content, and deep ties within the diversity community, Careers.AdvancingWomen has a loyal audience of professional women, African American Hispanics / Latinos and other diverse, minority populations. We focus on the engineering, manufacturing and constructions industries as well as technology, biotech, medical, financial, government and the defense/security industry. Careers.AdvancingWomen has multiple network sites, including women in engineering, technology and manufacturing that we broadcast our job posts to on a daily basis. Our network attracts, and you may search for, both passive (employed) and aggressive (unemployed) job seekers. Corporate recruiting clients have included TMP Worldwide, Inc., Wells Fargo, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Association of Women Lawyers, Fedex Kinko’s, Accenture Technology Solutions, and Guidance Software, Inc, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Woman’s University, UPS, European Central Bank.

Careers.AdvancingWomen ensures a sustainable competitive advantage to employers who use our robust array of job posting channels for job exposure. In addition to our world-class job boards, we provide the marketing and technology infrastructure to get jobs off the job board and displayed to passive job seekers through multiple social media channels, targeted groups like Women in Technology, Science, Manufacturing and Education, tech channels with over 500,000 users, mobile channels, targeted emails to our own lists and affiliated diversity groups.

As the founder of the unique Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, the first online refereed journal for women in leadership, currently focusing on Women in STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, we have established numerous alliances in the academic community and have large followings from many universities including prestigious tech feeder universities.

We focus on four main marketing channels to reach job candidates:

  • Providing tools, resources and career advice to deepen and strengthen our established reputation, relationships, alliances and credibility within the diversity and STEM ( science, technology, engineering & math) communities;
  • State of the art search engine optimization (SEO) to reach the most targeted and relevant audience;
  • Social media posting to stay engaged with and bring in highly targeted, new candidates;
  • Communication/ email marketing and job alerts to introduce passive and active job candidates to the employment recruiter’s brand and career opportunities and keep candidates active and engaged.

Careers.AdvancingWomen reaches coveted passive job seekers – high level professionals in our networks and through our social media connections, who aren’t on job boards, or job aggregator websites trolling for jobs, but might jump at the right opportunity. Our multichannel approach assures exposure of your job to a wide audience and to passive as well as active job seekers, Careers.AdvancingWomen, since 1996 has established credibility and developed a following in the women and diversity niche. You are building off the credibility and familiarity of Careers.AdvancingWomen with your target demographic. Since we are a niche job board, you pay to reach only relevant candidates, not an additional 95% on giant boards who are not relevant to your needs, so it is far more cost efficient.

We also offer Sponsorship Opportunities to increase awareness of your company in the diversity community and enhance your company’s ability to recruit the very “best and brightest”, connecting diverse talent with your company’s employment needs.

We invite you to post your job today at Careers.AdvancingWomen. See below for our AllTopTechTalent job board.

Recruiting, Sales and Marketing Team.

Our career site is supported by a deep team of experienced recruiting, sales and marketing professionals, continuously expanding our offerings and our partnership networks.

Technical Support

“Under the hood”, the tech underpinning of our site is maintained with 24/7 service by a dedicated team of high-level techs. Our job board infrastructure is maintained by developers and our programming team, with technical support from a number of global teams and individuals, each with specialized skills in various aspects of programming.


Reviewers credit AdvancingWomen.com with establishing a great sense of community and empowerment and providing excellent resources to assist our both employer/recruiters and job seekers. We are impacting users, not only in places like New York, California and Texas but in places where women may be on a different stage of their journey to full equity – places like Dubai, Singapore, China…..and we are one of the top sites in India. We are very proud that Advancing Women has been a driving force in this transformation and historic progression of the broad spectrum of diversity candidates’ ability to succeed, providing an established and proven platform to connect opportunity to talent.

Career Strategies

Based on decades of business experience and in-depth research by some of the leading organizations in the nation devoted to this issue, Advancing Women

  • provides proven strategies by successful women to deal with challenges women face in careers and business.
  • presents these proven strategies along a continuum that becomes a successful career path ( eg. special features, such as the “pipeline to empowerment”: (including research, skills development, leadership training, visibility, and alliances)

Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, the first on-line professional, refereed journal for women in leadership is our professional career advancement and leadership research publication. Advancing Women in Leadership Journal is a core component of our concept of electronic mentoring, allowing women leaders to share their stories and experience, to document and pass along proven strategies for a successful career path. The AWL Journal has succeeded in drawing a large, loyal audience globally, since 1997. It is edited by Dr. Beverly J. Irby who invites authors from all professional fields to submit manuscripts which through their analysis and synthesis challenge traditional thinking and examine outcomes of strategies for women to advance and succeed in their careers.

All Top Tech Talent

Our tech blog is one of the top gathering places for tech talent across the Net. We have gathered a large, multi-national audience of programmers, web designers, information architects, web masters and other tech professionals.

We realize how competitive it is today for leading edge companies to hire top tech talent. So we identify hard to find talent – coders, programmers and developers – where they hang out, web destinations where techs go to share code and work together on “the next big thing”. Reaching out through our own job boards, tech networks and strategic alliances, with over 500,000 visitors (1.5 million pageviews) a month, your postings are guaranteed to receive the targeted exposure you require. When you post with AllTopTechTalent you can be assured, you will reach a large pool of expert talent.

Our Commitment To You

Our customers value our commitment to overall satisfaction and excellence in providing career strategy and services and working with the teams who provide them.

Our dedication to a continuous process of improving the resources we offer enables our clients to reap the benefits of greater innovation, better decision making and greater skills acquisition opportunities.

Our vision:

Our diversity recruiting, matching diversity talent with global opportunity, helps companies increase innovation, improve decision making, drive sales and improve customer retention in an increasingly diverse global economy.

Awards, Media, Corporate Sponsors

Advancing Women web site is also winner of Lycos Top 5% Award, Dow Jones Award, Beatrice-Yahoo Top Site, and WWWomen Best of Net, listed in Femina as a top women’s career site-Advancing Women has been featured in Elle, Self, Women and Success, and Fast Company magazines, Access, a Sunday Supplement, Business Class, an Australian magazine, and the San Antonio Business Journal.

Corporate Sponsors have included Forbes, Wells Fargo, and the Austin Software Council. Advertisers have included Nortel, Intel, Prudential, Disney, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, Chase Manhattan, Citibank and Microsoft.