Effective Communications Key To Accomplishing Goals

When JFK framed the decision to put a man on the moon within the decade and when Winston Churchill told his nation in World War II to “never give up”, when Ronald Reagan said “Tear down  Steve Jobs As A Communicatorthis wall,” those were communications that set a goal, drew a line in the sand and changed the future and history of nations.

When, in a time of huge, monolithic mainframes, Steve Jobs said he was going to put a computer on every desk, he set a clear goal which was to define the future of the workplace.

Each of us must strive to do the same in our own careers and business.  Be clear, be convincing and define yours goals.

“How successfully a team, department or group functions is directly related to how effectively the members communicate with one another in group situations.” So, one of the most critical skills each of us need to develop, in our personal relationships, and at work, as well, is to communicate effectively.

Effective communications are those which accomplish our goals. In the case of work, these are work-oriented goals, where effective communication can help us play a more productive role, get greater recognition for the tasks we accomplish, and ultimately, help those around us communicate better, leading to a more productive workplace.