Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell Ebooks Online



Ebooks are changing the publishing world. With the rise of ebooks, it’s no longer frowned upon for people to self-publish their work. This is creating a huge market for individuals to make money by selling directly to their consumer base. However, despite the opportunities in this field, there’s certainly no guarantee that you will be successful. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you sell ebooks online.


Trying to Write About Something You Don’t Understand

Everyone wants to find a large audience for their ebook. There are, however, right ways and wrong ways to go about doing this. Like anything, trying to take too many shortcuts when you sell ebooks online will only result in an inferior product and few sales.


One major mistake people make when they enter the ebook world is they try to write about something they don’t fully understand. It might make sense to try to write about topics that have a universal appeal, as they will thus have a larger audience. This can be advantageous to you if you happen to be knowledgeable about such a field. But the reality is that most people aren’t going to be first-rate financial gurus or life coaches. Not everyone can be Tony Robbins; and that’s okay. However, you need to accept this as fact before you try to sell ebooks online.


Determining the topic of your book is arguably the most important step in the whole process of writing an ebook (the next section is also dedicated to this crucial stage). You need to decide on something that you know about to some degree. People will be able to spot a phony after reading the first page. And once you start accumulating bad reviews, you can say sayonara to any potential profits. Of course, you should do some additional research when writing your ebook. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your time and money.


Being Too General

Another important thing to consider when deciding on a topic is specificity. It seems logical to write about things that have some degree of ubiquity—as that will open you up to a larger potential audience. However, this is actually something at should generally be avoided when trying to sell ebooks online. The problem with writing about a super broad field is that there are going to be lots of other people also vying for that market share. Unless you’re already a known figure in that area, you’re probably going to be buried along with all the other people who tried to write on too general of a topic. Finding a niche is the best way to attract readers for your ebook. This will require some additional research but will pay off in the long run.


Not Marketing Your Book

How do you expect people to find out about your ebook if you don’t market it at all? The simple answer is: You can’t. Marketing is essential if you want to sell ebooks online. Social media marketing is a good place to start. Create a page for yourself or your ebook. Then use targeted ads to get your product in front of people who will be most interested in it. Content marketing and blogging is another way to help market your ebook. Essentially, this involves creating posts with relevant keywords that will help get your product to show up higher in organic searches. It’s also possible to buy reviews for your ebook. This is a highly effective route but can be more expensive depending on the source.


Pricing Too High

Another common mistake people make when they sell ebooks online is assigning too high of a price. Most ebooks will fall into the $2.99-$9.99 price range. Depending on how you publish your ebook, pricing can impact the percentage you receive from royalties. It’s important to learn that information before you make a pricing decision. Even at the lower end of the spectrum, you can still make a high return from selling your ebook. It’s smart to see an approximate price range at which other people writing about your topic are selling their books. This will help you make a more appropriate decision.


It’s possible to make a lot of money when you sell ebooks online. However, in order to be successful in the ebook world, you need to avoid some of these common mistakes that hold back otherwise qualified ideas.

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