Advantages of Niche Job Boards

Niche Job Boards, like , reach a very targeted market and are, therefore, a very successful recruiting model. , since 1996 has established credibility and developed a following in the women and diversity niche.

The giant boards reach everyone from  entry level workers, to retail or service in a broad spectrum of industries.  Niche boards and, specifically, on the other hand, allows employers to target only those workers relevant to their recruiting needs which yields a number of benefits to employers:

  • You are broadcasting your job to a targeted audience
  • You are building off the credibility and familiarity of with your target demographic
  • You pay to reach only relevant candidates and a highly targeted demographic, not an additional 95% on giant boards who are not relevant to your needs, so it is far more cost efficient
  • You have the opportunity to build a brand among your targeted demographic
  • You will tend to have a better opportunity to reach the passive job seeker than through the giant job boards.
  • Organizations that do business with the United States Federal Government may have compliance requirements as dictated by Executive Order 11246 and other requirements. can help satisfy the demands of the OFCCP compliance.

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Advancing Women

Advancing Women