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Our diversity recruiting, matching diversity talent with global opportunity, helps companies increase innovation, improve decision making, drive sales and improve customer retention in an increasingly diverse global economy. Diversity hiring is profitable and marketable.

Would access to our strategic alliances and networks of high level women and diversity candidates on the C level or in engineering, technology and manufacturing be beneficial to your company? Companies like FutureStep, Findly, Wells Fargo and Accenture Technology Solutions have relied on our firm, Careers.AdvancingWomen.com to make a difference in their talent acquisition process and we would like to have an opportunity to make a difference for your firm. Please contact us, by clicking on orange “Contact Us” tab on the left side of the page, if we can learn more about your talent acquisition challenges and offer help with them.

AdvancingWomen has been a top women and diversity recruiting site since 1996. Using state-of-the-art career site technology, strategic content, and deep ties within the diversity community, Careers.AdvancingWomen targets professional women, Hispanics / Latinos and other diverse, minority populations. We focus on education, the engineering and manufacturing  industries as well as technology, biotech, medical, financial, government and the defense/security industryCareers.AdvancingWomen has multiple network sites, including women in engineering, technology and manufacturing that we broadcast our job posts to on a daily basis. Our network attracts, and you may search for, both passive (employed) and aggressive (unemployed) job seekers.

Our President, Tai Williams is committed to continuing the mission set by Gretchen Glasscock in 1996 which has established credibility and developed a following in the women and diversity niche. We know how to reach this niche and help companies recruit from a well qualified, high level talent pool.

As the founder of the unique Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, the first online refereed journal for women in leadership, currently focusing on Women in STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Advancing Women has established numerous alliances in the academic community and have large followings from many universities including prestigious tech feeder universities, all of which benefit employers in their talent search outreach.

Careers.AdvancingWomen ensures a sustainable competitive advantage to employers who use our social media clout and robust array of job posting channels for job exposure.

We invite you to post your job today at Careers.AdvancingWomen.